The genesis of our product development sprang from the Product Development Project (PDP) course at the Department of Engineering at Aalto University in Helsinki.

Under the guidance of Professor Kalevi Ekman, the Director of the Aalto Design Factory and PDP, the vision was embraced, leading to the support for the development of the bioreactor. Over a span of 9 months, the dedicated team worked diligently, resulting in the creation of a functional prototype, proudly showcased at the PDP Gala on May 12, 2023.

Carbon Eaters was formally founded in October 2023 alongside a researcher from the University of Helsinki who shared a common vision for the use of microalgae in carbon sequestration. We are currently continuing our R&D journey focussing on scaling-up our process for maximum efficiency.

Meet the Founders

Utshav Bhattarai

Design & Business Management

Clio Hall

PhD Researcher Marine Ecology

Meet the Inventors

Linnea Hammarberg

Life Science Technologies

Shri Vigneshwar Sivakumar

Advanced Technologies

Swetha Authilingam

Advanced Technologies

Ahmed Uzair Nasir

Mechanical Engineering

Svetlana Eggen

Biointegrated Design

Jarno Lauronen

Mechanical Engineering