Decarbonisation and beyond through the power of microalgae

Carbon Eaters has embarked on a bold journey to help industries achieve their decarbonisation goals through the power of microalgae photobioreactors.

Discover the power of microalgae with our cutting-edge photobioreactors. Tailored for optimal microalgae growth and carbon dioxide absorption, our technology converts captured CO2 into valuable algae-based products.
Join us in cultivating a mutually beneficial, sustainable, and innovative business model. Our scalable and cost-effective solution can be customised to fit your industry's unique requirements.

Fuelling your journey towards a greener future

At Carbon Eaters, we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and combating climate change.

Our team has developed a working prototype of a tubular photobioreactor which facilitates microalgae photosynthesis, sequestering CO2 and producing valuable algae biomass.
What can we offer you?

Your loyal decarbonisation partner

Amidst the substantial pressure on industries and the energy sector to attain decarbonisation objectives, Carbon Eaters aspires to be your collaborative partner, sharing the responsibility in achieving your decarbonisation goals.

Microalgae products

Our added value lies in the ability to transform problematic CO2 emissions, into valuable algae biomass; a versatile resource with various applications and widely recognised as the 'Resource of the Future'.

Microalgae offer a sustainable source of proteins, omega-3, and beneficial compounds, making them an environmentally friendly resource for food, biofertilisers and cosmetics.